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Traditional Marketing VS. Digital Marketing

Can traditional marketing really compete with the Silicon Valley giants?

As the modern digital giants become larger players in the world of modern marketing, the battle between the traditional marketing companies and the digital marketers is escalating further.

Martin Sorrell of WPP took aim at the likes of Facebook and, vicariously through YouTube, Google. In the wake of scandals such as the presence of ISIS Recruitment videos and step-by-step guides for potential sex-traffickers to receive payments, he has criticised the digital behemoths for their lack of transparency, describing them as a “swamp.”

The problem he faces is that these scandals have barely dented the financial fortunes of Facebook and Google, whereas WPP’s value fell by 25% in 2017.

Google and Facebook control roughly 60% of the digital advertising market and more than 90% of new online spending is heading their way. Recently they have started targeting direct relationships with the companies they are advertising, essentially moving to freeze out the marketing middlemen of WPP, Publicis, Omnicom et al.

The competition looks to come down to the IT and Tech companies qualifying themselves on the marketing side vs. marketing groups who are trying to qualify themselves on the tech side. However, when those digital companies looking to establish their marketing credentials have such vastly greater financial resources, can the underdog of traditional marketing box smart enough to out-manoeuvre the new heavyweights?